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No contribution is too small or too great, it is not how much you give, but the generosity and love behind your gift. If you cannot afford to contribute, please do not feel bad. We never expect anyone to give out of their own need. Take care of your family and yourself. Only if you have something to spare would we ask you to consider a gift.



By default, when you donate through Go Fund Me, it will add a tip to support the platform. I totally support GoFundMe choosing to support the platform with tips. However, I also want to provide transparency and knowledge. If you are clicking through without paying attention the tip will be added. I am not sure if it always defaults to 18%, but as an example. If you were to donate $100 and leave a default 18%, then you will be charged a total of $118 with $100 (minus a small fee to the payment processor) and $18 will go to Go Fund Me.


You can adjust this tip using the slider to go as low as 0% up to as high as 30% or you can type in a specific custom dollar amount. Below is an example of adjusting it to 0%. Note, this is not to suggest or imply that you should not support the platform, just demonstrating how it works.



I would encourage you to adjust this tip up or down to what you are comfortable with tipping them. But again, please understand that it is in addition to the donation and goes to the platform, not us.


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