Get Involved


There are many ways to get involved with Brandon’s Battle Against Childhood Cancer.

If you are unable to get involved in any other way, please consider Following, Liking and Sharing our Social Media Accounts. We have Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube and TikTok. This costs nothing but a few minutes of your time and means a lot to Brandon and his Family.

You can download our flyer as a JPG to share on the internet or you can download it as a high quality PDF for printing

There is a GoFundMe for one-time donations of any amount.

There is a Buy Me a Coffee for one-time or recurring donations of any amount.

You can buy shirts, sweaters, hoodies, or hats with the Brandon’s B.A.C.C. logo and slogan. These are at cost, but you can include a tip for the family.

You can send a donation directly to us via PayPal or CashApp.

If you would like to buy one or both of the kids a birthday present, we are having their birthday party some time in mid-late March, so there is plenty of time and there are Amazon Wish Lists for each of them available.

You can also mail Brandon, Racheal, Richard, or the entire family, cards, letters, pictures, etc. to their P.O. box.

You can also send messages of encouragement or ask questions via email.

Links below will take you to additional information on each way to Get Involved.

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